At Run Club, kids develop physical literacy in a fun, motivating environment. Classes are built around games that involve exercise and learning the basics of movement. We get the kids moving and having lots of fun. Our aim is for children to develop their coordination and agility while they are playing and to be able to move with poise, confidence, competence and creativity.

Run Clubs are offered for primary (ages 5-8) and intermediate (ages 9-12) levels. Classes take place at the child’s school gym immediately after school.

The benefits of activity immediately after school are:

  • Children are being active at the correct time of day
  • Parents have an extended school day
  • They can take comfort knowing that their children are getting exercise in a positive, nurturing and motivating environment
  • Develops your child’s independence and self awareness
  • Parents don’t have to drive their kids home from school only to drive them to their activity a couple of hours later.
  • Kids finish their day earlier, leaving more time for family and an earlier bedtime.

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Run Club is currently offered at

  • Gleneagles Chaxay Elementary School
  • Cypress Park Elementary School
  • West Bay Elementary School
  • Lions Bay Elementary School
  • Irwin Park Elementary School
  • Caulfeild Elementary school
  • Mulgrave School
  • Westcot Elementary School
  • Capilano Elementary School
  • Hollyburn Elementary

To book Run Club, please click the button below, or you can also choose to view upcoming schedules for all classes before booking.