BFitBC – Fitness Coaching for adults.

We provide strength training, endurance coaching and injury recovery plans. Our coaching services are open to athletes of all levels who are striving towards a specific fitness goal, whether that’s to complete your first 5KM run, or compete a Gran Fondo.

Individualized training plans are an effective way to tailor your exercise to specifically meet your fitness goals – contact us for further details.

We also offer group Bootcamp classes which take place in the beautiful outdoors on the North shore. The classes are fun, motivating and inspire you to want to move.

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For more information on our adult coaching services with Bfit BC, or for an initial consultation, contact us directly.

To book Bfit BC bootcamp classes, click below to view schedules or to book.

If there isn’t a parent’s bootcamp running at your school and you’re interested in starting one up that runs straight after kids drop off, call us or email