Changing the Way Kids Exercise

At BfitKIDS, we are changing the way that kids experience exercise. We create a fun and inclusive environment where kids can be active, develop a love for physical activity and become confident, happy, healthy young people.

Our goal is to inspire, motivate and create a culture where physical activity is enjoyed and therefore becomes an integral part of a child’s everyday life.

The BFit Difference

The classes, sessions and coaching we provide at BFit Kids have been developed to transform children’s exercise in the following ways:

  • Games

    Classes are built around a series of games to encourage teamwork

  • Fun

    High levels of fun encourage a love of exercise

  • Healthy

    We educate kids to make healthy, positive choices

  • Inclusive

    The sessions are inclusive for any skill level and focus on getting kids moving in a fun and motivating environment whilst building companionship, camaraderie and team play

  • Timing

    Our classes take place immediately before, or immediately after school so children can exercise at the appropriate time of day

Meet the BFit Team

Karl Budd

Founder and Head Coach

I’m the head coach here at Bfitkids and it’s my goal to nurture a child’s love for exercise. I’ve been coaching sport for over 30 years both in Canada and the UK. I have a passion for developing a positive attitude to exercise among young people. Our classes create motivated and happy kids.

I have coached children at grassroots and elite levels and have been fortunate enough to be part of the youth development at Vancouver Whitecaps, Mountain United, Cycling BC as well as at Wasps and London Scottish Rugby Club in the UK.

I strive to inspire and create a culture where physical activity is enjoyed and therefore becomes an integral part of a child’s everyday life.

Terri Green

Bfit Kids Coach

Terri is an avid runner and cyclist as well as being a mom of 2 very sporty teenagers. She loves being outside. When she isn’t running or cycling she can be found hiking and exploring our North Shore mountains. Terri is passionate about people being active.

Terri has years of coaching experience with a variety of sports including gymnastics, t-ball, softball and track and field. She has also taught run clinics for beginner runners to marathoners

Testimonials from Parents & Teachers

Our mission is to nurture kids’ love for exercise. Hear how we are doing from their parents and teachers:

  • In a nutshell, Karl has a passion for kids, sport, fitness and fun! Whether is be soccer skills or running club, within a couple sessions I was able to see big improvements. A good sign of a GREAT coach is the ability to instil the love of sport and desire to practice. My kids look forward to their training sessions with Karl; it’s a highlight of their week! Karl is highly qualified, approachable, engaging and the kids adore him.

    – Trina Hemstead, Parent

  • Karl has coached both my son and daughter in a group setting and on a one to one basis. He has great knowledge of the game and has an excellent approach to development, understanding his audience, and tailoring his sessions to ensure the kids are learning and, most importantly, having fun.

    – Irfan Shariff, Parent

  • This is my daughter’s second year in Run Club with Coach Karl. She loves it and looks forward to her weekly class. “Tribes” is a particular favourite game of hers. Coach Karl runs the kids hard, but they are having fun so don’t realize the exercise they are getting. My daughter usually comes home tired and ready for a good meal which is what I love! It’s also great for her self-esteem — she has the opportunity to be a team captain, to win Runner of the Week, and to compete against her friends in a fun environment. I would highly recommend this class for your child!

    – Sara Gardner, Parent

  • Coach Karl” has been a tremendous positive influence on our kids approach to sports. They can’t wait to go to his sessions and we enjoy watching them get intensive training while having fun.

    We are lucky to have such a great resource in our community.

    – The Lavis Family

  • Karl has been our daughter’s coach for several years, and his training and motivational support have always been invaluable. After our daughter suffered a concussion, we set up several private sessions with Karl which helped not only in supporting her to regain the soccer skills she had lost, but was also enormously helpful in motivating her and helping her to recover her lost self-esteem. It was a really important turning point in her recovery. Thanks Karl!

    – Suzanne Kennedy, Parent

  • Karl Budd’s work with kids is exemplary. His programs are engaging, energetic and teach vital skills in both the area of physical literacy and the importance of sportsmanship and fair play. Karl meets kids where they are, regardless of fitness levels or experience, and promotes physical confidence, self esteem and healthy habits.

    – Aron Campbell, Principal at Gleneagles Elementary